Welcome to Thatchers’ Training Center! We are a Veteran and Family owned Physical Training Center in the Arts Warehouse District of lovely Lawrence, Kansas.

The goal and purpose of Thatchers’ Training Center is to fine tune and perfect the human body through partial practice, attention to detail, and physical training.
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"Inspirational people. Much wisdom to be gained. If you seek self improvement, this is a great place to find it."
Alex W.
LFC Fighter
"I absolutely love this gym. I train with Lawrence Fight Club mostly and we have a great group and great coaches. They're top notch and really nice. I love going there every night. I'm also working with Thomas Thatcher on some mobility stuff. He really knows his stuff, and he's helping me get through some old injuries I have. I've been to several crossfit and martial arts gyms all over the US and this one has been my absolute favorite. I'd highly recommend this place for anyone looking to get into great shape."
Luke D
Computer Scientist, martial artist, and Navy Seabee veteran