Our strength is training people, not web design. Come meet the Thatchers’ family and coaches in person. Your first time on us! Simply click the class you want to attend and go from there.

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Strength Class

Rise and Grind.
Get up early and start the day off right with a little bit of strength training. Classes will be instructor led, feature a variety of movements, and are designed to increase Functional Strength and Active Range of Motion.

Mitch’s MisFits

Led by Navy Veteran Coach Mitch, this 75-90 minute class will get you Fit. This class features weightlifting, accessory work, gymnastics skills, and metabolic conditioning (think HIIT training). Best of all this class is scaleable to newcomers. 

Boxing Basics

Led by Coach Marissa, she covers Head Movement, Foot Work, Body Mechanics, and of course, Punching will be the main focus of this hour long class. A great class for beginners. 

Kick Boxing

Learn Kick Boxing from a Professional Kick Boxer. Classes are an hour long and vary in structure. Expect jump roping, pad work, and lots of kicking! 

Okinawan GoJu Ryu Karate-Do

With a lineage traceable to the real Mr. Miyagi, this Classical Karate Style emphasizes perfection of technique and marriage of breathe and movement. Classes are 90 minutes long and will be held in a Gi. Kids welcome 12 and up.

Extra Conditioning

If you need the work, the board will have the tasks for the day on it. No instructor on hand for this class. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Beginner MMA

Wanting to learn MMA but not ready to be punched in the face?Learn the basics of Mixed Martial Arts from veterans who have been there. Classes are an hour long and will vary in structure.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Wanna Roll Brah?
Come get tangled up with fellow Martial Artists for 90 minutes of BJJ in a Gi.

Advanced MMA

Professional and Amateur fighters can use this time to work the more advanced aspects of the fight game. Classes will be held in the cage and are limited to eight people. Mouth pieces required. Elevated intensity expected. 

Youth Kick Boxing

Learn Discipline, Respect, and basic self defense in this 45 minute class for children. Parents encouraged but not required to stay for the duration of the class. Ages 7-14. Exceptions can be allowed for serious students.


Grappling…… Without the pajamas.
Classes are ninety minutes long and class structure will vary.

Sweat Filled Saturday

Earn the Weekend with this early morning fitness class. Instructor will lead and participate in the tasks of the day.

Functional Fitness Class

This group fitness class will leave you sweating and educated….. a very healthy combo. Classes are an hour long and will vary in structure. Led by Coach Christian.